Collaborative Palletizer an evolution in palletizing technology

CollaborativePalletizer.com is the official site of AAA20 Group’s robot palletizer business unit, based in Las Vegas, NV. We offer the latest industry insights, advanced technology, and professional advice for automating operations using our collaborative palletizing robots.

Labor Shortage Solution

Ergonomic Issues Solution

Easy setup and Operation

Low maintenance


Our Collaborative Palletizers

  • You can Lease it (or buy it)

    New World of Subscription Based Robotic Solutions. Like Netflix, RaaS (Robot-as-a-service) lets you rent or lease the robotic equipment you need for a period, instead of purchasing it.

  • It is small and simple

    It does not use big robots or cages and does not occupy a big space.

  • Speed: it can run 56 boxes/min

    It can pick 7 boxes per cycle. For example, 7 boxes per picking multiplied by 8 cycles a minute is equal to 56 boxes a minute. The final speed will be defined by a sum of factors, as box dimensions, box weight and pallet patterns.

  • Equipped with safety laser scanners

    The robot will automatically stop if it detects a person entering the safety zone around it. With our solution, you MAY not need safety fences.

Collaborative Robot Palletizer


  • Box Weight: up to 55 lbs

  • Pallet Height: up to 95”

  • Robot Brand: Doosan

Collaborative Robot Palletizer


  • Box Weight: up to 44 lbs

  • Pallet Height: up to 95”

  • Robot Brand: Fanuc

On Demand

Special Robotic Projects

Customized Projects to Increase Your Factory’s Efficiency

At AAA20 GROUP, we’re experts in crafting solutions tailored to make your factory operations smoother. For example, our innovative buffer system is designed to seamlessly integrate with your case packer machine. Should any issues arise, the system safely holds your boxes and then efficiently returns them to the production line once it’s up and running. This strategic, cost-effective enhancement can boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by 5%, driving better performance and productivity.

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Our Business Model is Different

Lease to Buy, Validate Before Investing

Embrace the future of automation with our lease-to-buy program, a test drive for cutting-edge robotics. Much like leasing a car before the final purchase, our program allows you to integrate and validate robotic solutions in your operations before committing. It’s a seamless transition into automation, on your terms.


Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Month-to-Month Subscription

RaaS is reshaping equipment access. Why are savvy businesses switching to Subscription-Based Robotic Solutions? For the same reason they choose services like Office 365 and Netflix: unparalleled flexibility. Our month-to-month RaaS subscriptions allow you to scale with the pace of innovation, ensuring you’re always at the industry’s leading edge—without the commitment of long-term contracts. Adapt, evolve, and lead with RaaS.

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Our company’s name is inspired by the ‘AAA’, a top rating similar to the ones given by famous groups like Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. These ratings tell you if an investment is good and safe. ‘AAA’ is the best score you can get, meaning the investment is very reliable. Our name shows we aim for the highest service level, just like the best rating you can get from these big finance experts.

We take pride in our track record, having delivered hundreds of projects for global consumer companies. Our approach is about connecting dots and tailoring solutions to fit budgets, leveraging our extensive knowledge and global experience. With a network covering the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, we specialize in delivering world-class automation solutions.

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